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I wasn’t born a farmer…

Hi there, Jason Alberts here. Just a few years ago, like so many other farm stories, I had enough of the rat race and wanted a simpler life. So I opted out of ‘regular’ 9-5 jobs, and sought to start a farm.

I started volunteering at the local McLaughlin Grows Urban Farm, reading everything I could get my hands on, and taking on every gardening/farming job or side-job I could find.

After a few years gleaning knowledge and experience I came across a 1/4 acre site, and staked my claim. I bought my own small farm, Temple Urban Farm!

Through the first year Temple Urban Farm has created a strong team of family, friends, and community members. To strengthen our team we have also formed strong partnerships with Garden Circles, Grand Remedy CBD, Pioneer Resources, and Ready-2-Fruit Mushrooms. These new partnerships allow us to start seeds in a green house, farm more land, and offer great products.

This year we are proud to offer you fresh produce at the farmer’s markets, easy to assemble raised beds, high quality CBD products, and the ability to grow your own mushrooms!

I am excited to be your farmer, and our team is excited to farm for you!

…But I was born to farm!


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